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Educational Programs

  • Develop a positive self image as their skills, behavior, and aptitudes immerge.

  • Develop healthy self esteem and take pride in themselves as individuals.

  • Participate cooperatively with the staff and in group activities.

Programs we offer:

Infant Care



We provide healthy and nutrious meals and snacks at our facilities.

Pre-K Counts

We provide FREE half or full-day pre-kindergarten for eligible families.

Provides family centered, full day services to  promote development in the youngest children.

Keystone STARS helps improve early learning programs. Owl Hill holds the highest STARS IV rating.

The Owl Hill Learning Center's programs focus on your child and takes into consideration their individual needs, interests, and characteristics. Of equal importance is the social interaction that occurs among children in group situations. Children will be encouraged to:

Head Start


For eligible families, the CCIS program helps to subsidize child care costs.

  • Realize and express individual creativity and talent.

  • Respect the property and rights of others.

  • Be aware of those around them and accept responsibility for the effect of their actions on others.

  • Learn important fundamentals of health and safety.

  • Evaluate their progress periodically throughout the year to assure preparedness for future educational experiences.